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Anne McCrossan introduced me to the term ‘Visceral Business’. In fact, it is the name of her blog and her business. It’s that feeling in your gut that just connects, whether it is a product you are using, drooling over, or a feeling of authenticity when dealing with a RHB (real human being). It’s not that superficial “this is kind of neat” feeling but a much, much deeper connection. I’ve been trying to be more cognizant of that visceral feeling when it happens and I never realized how often it was actually happening until I consciously looked for it. (Sidebar: When Anne and I met in January we talked about a bunch of things, but on one subject in particular, she said “your eyes light up when you talk about food”. That’s because I have a strong, visceral connection to food. Having someone point it out for you is sometimes helpful!)

Sir Ken Robinson’s TED video (and his book ‘The Element‘)  really connected with me viscerally. It makes me want to raise my arms in the air and shout “Hell, yes!”. I think it is because I have been lamenting the educational system since university and have felt there has to be a better way.

Does it do the same for you?


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